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How to Write Powerful, Catchy Headlines

How to Write Powerful, Catchy Headlines

However great your content is, it won’t count for much if users don’t click to read it. You may have spent hours writing the greatest article ever and teamed it up with amazing visuals and the perfect user interface, but your first step is still getting your users to click on your article. If you are posting on social media, forums or elsewhere, potential readers will be drawn in (or not) by your blog’s headline. So it is incredibly important to pick a headline that is powerful and catchy so that people want to hear more. How can you do this? Here are a few simple tips.



Work on it

The perfect title might not hit you right away. Sometimes it’s better to write the content first (around a particular theme or issue) and then start putting your headline together. It might also be a good idea to brainstorm potential headlines. Don’t worry if your first title isn’t a showstopper, keep thinking and you will get there. In general, aim to keep your headline an accurate reflection of your content, make it sound interesting and try and keep it short (under 70 characters is a good rule of thumb in terms of length).

Follow formulas that are tried and tested

There’s a lot of ways to go when it comes to a headline. But, some tried and tested headlines have been shown to work well. These include informative headlines, lists (think 5 ways to do this, 6 tips on how to optimize things and so on), how-to titles and guides. These kinds of titles help to draw a reader in and get more user interactions. Essentially these titles work because they make potential readers curious, curious enough to click and find out more. So, you don’t want to give everything away in the title and using a teaser might also work (think of all the clickbait articles along the lines of “you’ll never believe how easy it is to transform your life/blog/world”).

Demonstrate your unique value

You might be used to defining the unique value of your blog, your niche and why your writing says something different. Well, headlines are a microcosm of that. They might be short but they need to show your unique value to potential readers. Show your readers that you will provide them with essential info. Be controversial and explain why they are doing things wrong. Backup your headline with hard scientific facts. Whichever direction you go in, make sure it is valuable and a strong reflection of your brand. You don’t want to go informal and personal if you brand is otherwise very formal and impersonal.

Hook them once they read

Once you are happy with your titles and your content, don’t forget to allow your users space to interact and give you feedback. Find out what they think about your content and keep them clicking back for more articles. A great way to do this is to engage them through a comments section. The truth is sometimes people will only read your title and your comments so make sure both sections tell the right story and give your users a space to exchange opinions.

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