How to Keep Readers on Your Page for Longer

How to Keep Readers on Your Page for Longer

Are you all set when it comes to social media campaigns, adverts and driving traffic to your site? Well, what happens once they get there? Are your readers sticking around and engaging or clicking away in a few seconds? Whatever you do, your main aim is probably to get conversions. This can mean purchases from your online store, newsletter sign ups or lead submissions. The longer visitors stay on your site, the more likely they are to convert. So, getting loads of traffic, which disappears after a few seconds, isn’t so great. And in fact, statistics show that 70% of people who abandon your site will never return. So, here are some tips to make your readers stay longer.



Make sure your content is easy to read

It may sound obvious, but if you’ve written the best article in the world, and it looks terrible visually, most people won’t stay to read it. In fact, the majority of readers won’t read your content at all – they will scan it. Make sure your website looks good visually and that content is broken up in ways that are easier on the eyes. For example, instead of one huge run on an article, try breaking articles up into short paragraphs with headings. That way, even if people don’t deep dive into your content, they’ll be able to get an overview of what you’ve written. You can also help vary the flow of an article by inserting visuals within the text. Playing a short clip is a great way to ensure people stick around a little longer.

Have a clear call to action

If your main goal is collecting emails, do it in an obvious and unmissable way. A tiny sign up box in the corner of your blog won’t leave people racing to sign up. You could try having an automated popup for users who are about to leave your site (but be careful not to use too many popups as they will start to feel like spam). You could also reward users for completing a sign-up, for example by giving them a free download, ebook or list of tips, or simply by unlocking additional web content related to their interests.

Leverage comments

One of the best ways to make readers stay for longer is to really engage them. Consuming web content is a relatively passive action; we read and we leave. If there are ways to interact, then readers will be encouraged to stay longer. Interactive games and quizzes are a good way of doing this as is leveraging user comments. The great thing about comments is that once you have installed a comments widget, you don’t need to do all the work. Users will engage around your content with each other and create dynamic conversations. This is a great way to grow online communities, keep your users on your site for longer, and ultimately increase conversions.

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