How to Be a More Creative Blogger

How to Be a More Creative Blogger

It’s hard enough building up a blog from scratch, maintaining it and constantly creating content. But, however effective your blogging formula is, it’s sometimes a good idea to shake things up and try something new. Finding ways to be a more creative blogger can help generate new traffic and make your current readers stay on your site for longer. So where can you start with something like this? Well, we’ve thought long and hard about it and have collected a few easy to implement tips that you can try out today.



Work on it

Contrary to popular belief, creativity isn’t just something innate which you are either have or don’t have. It’s actually more like a muscle and that means you need to use it and exercise it to strengthen it. So, how does that work? Well, you can try a few simple exercises and do them in a daily and disciplined way to help boost your creativity. One great place to start is to have daily relaxation/distraction time. If you are struggling to think about how to write your next awesome blog, take some time away from it. Rather than thinking about non-stop and stressing out, try doing something else and let your mind get distracted – go to the gym, take a short walk, read something unrelated. Sometimes these periods of disengagement are our most creative ones – they let new ideas rise up in our mind.

Be kind to yourself

If you find yourself throwing out the majority of your ideas, thinking, “that’s so dumb” and dismissing the majority of your creations, it’s time to be a little kinder to yourself. Even a silly or frivolous idea can lead to something amazing if given time to grow and develop. When thinking of new ideas and ways to improve your blog, don’t self-censor. Try to let ideas flow freely. Even if the first few are total duds, freeing yourself up to think openly is a great way to make sure that you do get to some great new ideas without simply dismissing all your thoughts as unrealistic.

Find things that inspire you

Whether this is listening to a daily podcast, finding your favorite music on vinyl or simply having a great conversation with a good friend, find ways to get inspired. Often, listening to something totally outside your field can help bring in fresh ideas. Stuck on how to find ideas and inspiration? Have a look at David Lynch’s short film about how catching ideas is like catching fish. It’s packed with cool tips – like finding ideas from daydreams or a particularly inspiring place.

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