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Simple Ways to Radically Improve Your Blog

Simple Ways to Radically Improve Your Blog

Want to get more users to your blog? Are you looking for a few easy-to-implement tips? With more blogs online than ever before, it is even more important to differentiate yours and find the right ways to build a dynamic online community around your content. According to statistics from 2016, a total of 6.7 million people blogged on blogging sites while 12 million people posted blogs on social media networks. When they are part of a website, blogs help increase conversions, improve overall user engagement and help your website perform better in search engine rankings. But the simple fact of having a blog is not enough to gain all these benefits. So, how can you start blogging better?



Create a strong call to action

One way to radically improve a blog is to get your readers more involved. However good your content is, ultimately you want people to do more than just read and leave. Give your readers a clear idea of what’s next and use language that encourages action. For example, add a pop-up to your blog with the text “Like what you read? Sign up to get more articles like this one”. Another great call to action is to ask readers for their opinion at the end of a blog. You can also create action items through interactive web elements like quizzes or surveys. There are lots of tools out there that can help you do this.

Diversify your content

If you’ve been posting written blogs for as long as you can remember, it might be time to add some other media into the mix. Striking visuals can help your blog stand out from the crowd, and when you post on social media, a great visual will mean your post gets a much wider reach (Facebook’s current algorithm favors visual media). Infographics can help add a striking visual element to content while also getting the gist of an article (or supporting statistics) across. And images aren’t the only way to diversify what you post. You can incorporate videos into your content (these perform even better than static visuals on social media) and you can also use voice recordings (the great thing about this is that anything voice-based gives your readers the opportunity to interact hands-free).


Upgrade your comments platform

If you don’t yet have a comments platform then now is the time to get one! It is an easy way to quickly improve your blog, leverage diverse user-generated content and create a conversation around each blog you post. A lot of web or blog platforms come with comment plugins but these aren’t always your best option. To get the most out of your comments section, opt for a comments platform that does more than just text. While there are options for visuals and video, one of the more interesting trends is voice. Voice comments allow users to share opinions in a personal and simple way. They also give you the opportunity to really “talk” to your users, and interact with them. Ultimately they help transform a blog from something you read and leave to somewhere you can stay and have a meaningful conversation.


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