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How to Take Content from Good to Great

How to Take Content from Good to Great

If you are trying to grow your business it’s likely that you’ve spent a good deal of your time on marketing. It’s also pretty likely that a large proportion of that time has been designated to content marketing. Creating the right content – content that is unique, creative, on brand and targeted in just the right way – can give your business a huge boost and help keep your users stay engaged. But how can you take content that is “ok” or “good” and transform it into content that is truly “great”. We’ve prepared a few key tips below.

Build up creativity through consistency and planning

It might not sound super inspiring but being consistent is absolutely essential. Your content reflects your brand and keeping things on brand means keeping them consistent across platforms and in terms of timing. It’s no good having super creative frequent content one week and then badly written sparse content the next. So start by putting together a plan. Creativity doesn’t need to be a Eureka moment or an off-the-cuff brainstorm, it can actually be something you build up and structure. For some great advice about how to do that take a look at this video from Craig Wynett, Chief Innovation Officer at P&G.



Don’t do it alone

You don’t need to do everything on your own. One great way to widen your pool of content is to introduce “guest” or “expert” writers. Staying true to your brand while showing different perspectives can really help to enrich your content. And don’t forget – content is not just what comes from your brand directly. It includes articles about your business (which can be easily shared and promoted across platforms) and perhaps even more importantly, it includes everything your users say about you.

Utilize user-generated content

A wise person once said: “Don’t blow your own trumpet”, and in the digital world you don’t have to. Oftentimes the most powerful content is what other people write. There is nothing more persuasive than an engaged user singing your praises or a happy customer highly recommending your product. Grow this kind of content. It can be done pretty easily through a whole host of reviewing and commenting platforms and widgets. Letting your users know they have a “safe space” to be heard and share their thoughts is the first step to really leveraging user-generated content.

Try different formats

If your content has been religiously text based, or if you’ve been exclusively vlogging then it’s time to step out and try other mediums. There is no single medium that is altogether better or worse but it is important to foster a mix of different visuals, texts and sounds. Curating a richer media experience can really take your content from good to great and make all the difference to your business.


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