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The Future Looks Like Star Trek

The Future Looks Like Star Trek

How is tech going to change and grow in near future and what will the future of tech look like in ten or twenty years? According to Jeff Pulver, VOIP expert, the future will look a lot more like Star Trek then we might expect. In a recent talk he described typing and interacting with apps the way we do in 2017 as something that will soon become obsolete. So what will our digital interactions look like? Well, as VR and AR gain technological prowess and voice analytics improve; the future looks set to look like a lot like science fiction. If you’ve watched Star Trek then you are familiar with the concept of a ship that works primarily through voice commands and a “holodeck” where crewmembers have immersive VR experiences. We might not be ready for intergalactic space flight quite yet, but the digital interactions are already moving in this direction.



Interactive and intuitive tech landscapes

Many of the gadgets seen on episodes of Star Trek already exist. We already have tablet computers, universal translator apps and more. But the future looks set to combine many of today’s emerging technologies for a more intuitive and interactive digital experience. Gesture technology and voice technology point the way towards control decks and control hubs that can be commanded much as the Captains of the Enterprise commanded theirs. And if it sounds like nothing but science fiction to you, just check out RoomE’s hi-tech voice and motion controls. Today this kind of control panel is a one off, lab-based experiment, but soon enough we can expect to see these kinds of digital interfaces in our homes and workplaces.

VR meets AI

And for another Star Trek type experience heading into real life at light speed, take a look at IBM Watson’s new partnership with video game developer Ubisoft. Together these two companies are combining virtual reality with artificial intelligence to build a game that includes an immersive Star Trek bridge experience and Watson’s interactive speech and cognitive abilities. Our digital experience in the future looks set to be a lot more like real life – think of enhanced, augmented and immersive experiences rather than manually typing and clicking through interactions like we do today.

Voice is the future

In many of today’s emerging technologies we can see the strong prevalence of voice. Voice is unique in the way it allows hands-free interactions, and enables users to have a more natural digital experience. Today we are already half way there. With voice assistants like Siri and Alexa, we can now do almost anything without having to physically interact with our technology. But this is just the beginning. Voice tech is improving and gaining accuracy, while voice analytics have enormous potential.

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