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How UGC Influences Customers

How UGC Influences Customers

User-generated content (also known as UGC) is a great way to market a brand and create authentic and persuasive content. While beautiful ads, a strong spokesperson and convincing pitches from a company are important; UGC is often the most trusted tool for customers. According to studies, UGC is the most powerful type of media in terms of influencing shopping experiences and decisions. And it’s even more powerful for Millenials. On average, Millenials spend up to 18 hours per day looking at media and a third of this time devoted to UGC. According to Millenials, UGC is 35% more memorable than other media and 50% more trusted. So why is UGC so powerful and what can businesses do to better harness it?



UGC is personal

There are so many ways to advertise a business digitally. From sponsored content to banner ads, native advertising and social media campaigns, businesses’ biggest challenge is figuring out which channels are best and how to target users through them in the most effective way. In a world that is crowded with digital advertising and content options, UGC stands out as something far more organic and authentic. Rather than “hearing” the voice of a brand explain why a service or product is best, UGC is much closer to receiving a personal recommendation from a friend or a relative, and this feeling of UGC being both personal and authentic makes it a very powerful tool to increase sales.

UGC is active

While many forms of advertising are passive – brands communicate content to potential customers, who see it and decide whether or not to make a purchasing decision – UGC is active. UGC is much more about community than the individual and encourages interaction with customers and potential customers. A great way to harness UGC is through comments and reviews, which allow people to voice their opinion and create conversations around the products they love (or hate). Using UGC shows customers that their opinions matter and that their story matters. This makes potential customers more likely to make a purchase. For a great example of how it’d done, check out Spotify’s recent campaign.

Leverage UGC

So how can you leverage UGC to improve your marketing strategy and increase sales? Well before you can start building amazing campaigns around what your users have to say, you need a good system to collect, share and interact with your customers. A great way to do this is through comments and reviews. On an online store, reviews allow customers to express their opinions and allow business owners to respond to them. It’s an easy way to collect high-quality UGC, which can later be used for campaigns. Comments on web or blog content are another great way to create an active and personal conversation. And if you decide to opt for comments and reviews, why not think beyond text? While text-based UGC is a good start, today there are many platforms that can capture even more powerful types of media like pictures, video and voice.

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