Heyoya’s Game-Changing Voice Comments and Reviews Now Available on Wix

Heyoya’s Game-Changing Voice Comments and Reviews Now Available on Wix

Heyoya can help grow your business on Wix

If you have a Wix website and are looking to grow your business – you are in luck. Heyoya has just launched its game-changing voice and text comments and reviews platform on Wix. The Heyoya widget can be easily added to your online store or content site and allows your users to communicate with each other through unique 30-second voice snippets. This means your readers, users, and customers can easily share their thoughts and opinions on your website. Heyoya also lets you record product pitches, special offers and responses to user comments.

Increasing user-engagement

If you have a website or online store then you already know how important it is to attract, engage and retain your site visitors. With a crowded marketplace, what can really set you apart is how far you go to connect with your users. Having an active comments or reviews section on your website is the best way to do this. Comments and reviews create a steady stream of user-generated content, improving the overall quality of your website, helping you optimize search rankings, generating traffic and most importantly, creating personal relationships between you and your users.

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Why voice is even better than text

The problem with today’s platforms is that text is limited in terms of effectiveness. In fact, research shows that the content of what we say accounts for only 7% of communication; 38% is down to the tone of voice alone. This means when users type out a comment or review things can be unclear and ambiguous. Heyoya brings the personal quality of voice back to comments and reviews. You can now clearly “hear” what your users have to say. Studies have shown that the use of human voices on social media can actually help organizations build relationships. This means Heyoya’s widget is a tool that can significantly improve user-generated content on online and content sites and can also help increase both web traffic and sales conversions.

Heyoya is easy to use and can be managed on the go

The Heyoya widget is easy to install and use and works across platforms and devices. The good news is you can also conveniently manage comments and reviews on the go through mobile and handheld devices. And of course, all voice comments and reviews can be quickly shared on social media with just one click for an even bigger and better conversation. Heyoya essentially unites the online and offline worlds of commerce and publishing and allows you to have the kind of authentic conversations that you would normally have face-to-face, online.

Stand out from the crowd

Heyoya is a way for your business to stand out from the crowd. While there are many great comments apps and review apps on the Wix marketplace, this is the first one that unites comments, reviews and voice. Best of all, Heyoya is completely free.

For more information about Heyoya, and to add Heyoya to your Wix site today, click here.