The future of online advertising

The future of online advertising

Digital advertising is everywhere and in a million different channels. If you are online at any given time, chances are you are basically being bombarded by advertising banners, ads, retargeting email campaigns, clickbait, sponsored social media posts and more. There is so much advertising “noise” out there that most people ignore or at least block a lot of it out. Most of it ends up taking on a status of background noise, but there are always posts that stand out from the crowd and make an impact. To make sure you keep making an impact with your advertising, find out what the future of advertising has in store and how to change things to make them more relevant and impactful.



 Making ads less annoying

Ok, it might not send like the best way to launch a list of futuristic online ad trends, but its true: online ads are annoying people more than ever. Our brains can’t always filter them out so more and more people are turning to online ad blockers and pop-up stoppers. The worst culprit here are preroll ad, the auto-play is perceived as both annoying and intrusive. But don’t worry – it’s not all bad news. While generic ads are annoying, the future of advertising is all about pinpoint targeting. The trick is honing into your target market, learning as much about them as possible and targeting them with non-intrusive native ads. Context is also incredibly important – if they are looking at one specific brand continuously but are telling all their friends how they hate the brand’s new product, advertising that product might not be the way to go. The best ads need to tap into all of a users data – who they are, what they like and what they say.

The future is interactive

The days of static ads are coming to an end, and interactive content is gaining traction. The future of ads is all about maximizing user-experience and curating something that is both immersive and interactive. People are bored of banner ads. So what will grab their attention? Well, simple things can work wonders. Instead of a form asking for your users’ name and email, try a gamified quiz. If your brand is all about health food then use infographics to encourage your users to engage. Converting a user doesn’t have to be a boring experience.

The rise and rise of mobiles

People are using their phones more than ever before and this means marketing campaigns must have a tailored and seamless mobile experience. But even more than this, most users are choosing to connect to social media networks such as Facebook through their mobile rather than desktop. So if you are running a Facebook campaign you should be focused on the mobile experience aspects of it and the UX of mobile should be central to everything you do. The good news is that social media ads accessed via mobile tend to have a higher click through rate since there is a higher focus on native advertising.

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