How to make your content more trustworthy

How to make your content more trustworthy

One of the best ways to keep users engaged with your brand is to produce great content. But what makes content great? Obviously, it has to be interesting and insightful. It should be compelling (through visuals and audio as well as just text) and it should tell a story that is relevant to your brand. But all this relies on a basis of trust. This means that the first step to getting your users to engage is to create content that is trustworthy. So, how can you take your existing content and make it even more trustworthy? Here are some simple tips.



Make things personal

Having a corporate brand might be effective for some things, but when it comes to content, writing in a personal way is actually most effective. Readers want to connect with individuals not with a corporate entity so share names, photos and even bios to add credibility to your content. To create a relationship between reader and author, strive to make what you write informal enough to appear conversational but formal enough to be professional – it’s a careful balance. Ultimately the ratio of informal to formal depends on your brand and your goals (as well as on your content channels), so think about it and listen to what your readers have to say (especially in the form of user comments and feedback).

Choose ads wisely

Be careful what you do with advertising! Too many ads can alienate your users. Auto-play ads often feel overwhelming and intrusive. People don’t want to be talked at by your blog, and this is especially true of Millenials. But on the flip side, advertising is still very important and certainly a major part of most of the today’s blogs. So how can advertising be leveraged in a way that is trustworthy? Well, native ads that fit seamlessly onto your website or blog are a great way to go. Another way is to focus on building a community rather than simply advertising. Allowing people to engage and interact with your content is often more likely to lead to a conversion than pre-roll ads or intrusive banners.

Make your design flawless

You may think content is all about the words you choose, but if you think about it, people judge brands on visuals as much as on actual content. If a storefront is cracked and broken, you are probably less likely to purchase there. The same is true of the online world. If you have a website from the 1980’s, people will be less likely to trust your content. So what can you do? Well, if you haven’t already, now might be the time to invest in a top-notch web designer. But failing that, there are tones of free web design services out there. Even a few hours of work and a few great images can make a huge difference to user perceptions of your brand.

Let your users sing your praise

It’s all well and good creating a trustworthy platform, look, feel and even working on amazing content with statistics and quotes from experts. However, there is only so far you can go alone. The real mark of trustworthy content is user engagement and interaction. If users trust you they will want to join the conversation, and your content will go from static story to dynamic discussion. So how can you help this happen? It’s pretty simple – a trustworthy comments platform that filters spam but lets your users have a voice is a great tool for making your content more trustworthy and keeping people on your site for longer.

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