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What’s the future of voice tech?

What’s the future of voice tech?

With voice assistants on every phone, and voice-controlled homes through devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, the voice seems to be everywhere. And in fact, we may be beginning an era of totally new and different interactions. The battle of the touch screens is over, and our next set of online interactions are very likely to be based around voice tech. Overall we are looking at a new level of voice tech in the future, and this future looks very interesting indeed.

Tech blends seamlessly

We are moving away from the era of brash-in-your-face tech with users brandishing enormous touchscreen phones and large touchscreen watches to something altogether subtler. The future will be all about seamless tech that blends into users lives and styles. Think fashion tech rather than bulky functional tech. This is already beginning with wearables and tracking devices like the ever thinner and sleeker Fitbits on the market. Devices are becoming more like part of an overall style and fashion accessory than the obtrusive add-ons of yesteryear.


Source: https://pixabay.com/en/photos/voice/

The year of voice tech

In many ways, 2017 has been heralded as the year of voice tech where many tech giants have shifted (or are shifting) their UI away from visual and tactile interfaces to audio ones. And just think about the benefits – audio means you can go hands-free. You can use your tech on the go, while walking, driving, multitasking. You never need to pause and stare down at a screen. The future will undoubtedly bring us a higher volume of more complex applications for voice tech as well as other hands-free interactions – think gesture technology and more. Touchscreens may never completely disappear but other interactions will become increasingly important.

Augmented sound

While augmented reality is a known quantity, the surge of what are sometimes termed “hearables” like Apple’s wireless headphones, are curating an experience that is essentially augmented sound. Without worrying about connectivity or proximity to our phones or device, the future looks likely to deliver augmented sound experiences, where we can overlay sound on our daily lives much the same way SnapChat overlays flower filters on ordinary photographs. Digital noise can be the key to creating new and fascinating soundscapes to enrich our daily lives.

Everything goes digital

We might be used to wearables and an overall concept of smart homes and the IoT, but the future looks likely to make everything digital. You might already control your air conditioning through voice but think about controlling your coffee maker the same way, ordering shopping through your voice-controlled fridge or having an army of voice controlled robots clean your house without leaving a trace.

Voice comments

While many technologies still have a long way to come, there are some emerging voice technologies that are already here, strong and ready to be leveraged. If we turn to one of the most well-known places on the Internet – the comments section (of any article, website, or social media conversation) we see an old fashioned text-based interaction. The future is about voice tech – and voice comments allow users to go hands-free while also sharing a more human and personal interaction.

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