Social Media 2017 Predictions

Social Media 2017 Predictions

Why use social media?

Social media is one of the fastest changing industries out there. Social Media will keep on surprising us as it keeps on taking a larger part in our lives and our work. Sometimes a cutting-edge technology changes the social game, or an old idea (e.g. virtual reality) gains viral popularly. Either way, the results always have a huge impact and 2017 will be no different. Here are four social media trends that will dominate 2017 but let us first explain why social media is such a game changer.

Consumers often take to social media to publicly discuss their buying process. According to LeadSift, this is one of the biggest, yet frequently overlooked opportunities on social media, as businesses can make more intelligent decisions with this information while also presenting the perfect time to engage.

What are the most widely used social media channels?





Virtual reality (VR) is new to the market however immensely popular due to the interactive and present like experience it offers. In fact, Snapchat selfie lenses brought the idea of augmented reality into the social sphere. VR is a trend that will most likely continue to pick up momentum. Facebook owns Oculus Rift and will make a steady push for VR use on their platform (anything to get VR into their live stream). In addition, Facebook recently acquired Masquerade, a live filter and selfie app for live streaming video.

Just like the live video, augmented reality creates new opportunities for brands to connect with their audience by sharing experiences, rather than just information, on social media. It is noted that almost 75% of millennials are interested in virtual reality, and 2017 may just be the year they blow up the idea of self-insertion into media.


The landscape of live video is likely to continue to shift towards an emphasis on live video content. Facebook will allow for paid amplification of a live video while it’s happening whilst LinkedIn will most likely introduce some sort of play to include Skype within their platform (eg: video interviews or live video sessions)

Live video amplification is a trend that ‘Snapchaters’ and ‘Instagramers’ are accustomed to. At the end of last year, Instagram encroached onto Snapchat territory by introducing live feed. It is predicted that Instagram will most probably continue to enhance and introduce new features to boost the live streamlining whilst Snapchat will probably come out with a revolutionary feature.


Chatbots are simply a form of artificial intelligence used to help and assist consumers with shopping, booking and customer service. The benefits of using artificially intelligent chats are aimed at improving customer service by responding quickly to questions and comments. Facebook integrated chatbots within Facebook Messenger and further, businesses are now using them to communicate with customers.

Chatbots are increasingly important, allowing brands to optimize their customer service experience. More than a third of people already prefer social media to a phone call for customer support. Soon, it is predicted that brands might not bother having a website at all, and rather conduct all their customer relations through social media.


Interactive content (videos and blog posts) is predicted to become more widespread. Buzzfeed typically uses interactive content through quizzes and tests. It is noted that when readers have a direct impact on the content, they are more engaged, thus increasing one’s brand recall.

Interactive content allows brands to connect with consumers in an engaging and interactive way. Interactive content is vital for growth and engagement as brands not only want consumers to recall, they want them to be excited and share the content with their friends. As seen with Buzzfeed, consumers compared results with friends, furthering the engagement levels. Interactive content simply allows for a single piece of content to integrate social elements into it.

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