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Hear what your readers have to say about Trump

Hear what your readers have to say about Trump

It’s all over, but things are just beginning

As the dust settles in the US, one thing is certain: the elections are finally over. It’s been a long two years and a whole lot of campaigning. But while things are all over on one level, they are really only just beginning. President Trump still has a way to go before he officially takes office on January 20th. But apart from all the official briefings and meetings, now is a time when there are still a lot of unknowns about the next president. Trump is at the very very beginning of making White House appointments. All we know so far is that Trump named GOP chief Reince Priebus as his chief of staff and tapped right-wing Breitbart news executive Stephen Bannon as chief strategist and senior counselor. And there have been a number of inflammatory statements, like Trump claiming he will deport 3 million immigrants and that he really will go ahead and build a giant wall.


Source: https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump

The future is uncertain

While the future is full of menacing potential policies and vast uncertainties, the past is full of disappointment for Hilary’s supporters, many of whom are struggling to get to drips with what just happened. Today is the 5th day of Trump protests across the nation and the purpose of these protests is not just a protest against Trump but a movement of solidarity for immigrants and others that Trump’s presidency may well negatively impact. And though the future is still unknown, a lot of people have a lot to say about things. Now more than ever, there is a huge amount of speculation on what will really be the outcome of this new President Elect. And whether you love, hate or are downright fearful of Trump’s impact on the US, the media needs to provide not just information but a safe space for debate. If you are a blogger or content provider, it’s critical – now more than ever – to foster the right environment for discussion.

Build a meaningful discussion

The key to creating a discussion is to build a meaningful rather than a toxic dialogue and this can be tricky. Curtailing one-sidedness and learning to engage in emotional dialogue are a good place to start. To do this online, you need the right tools. While pretty much every blog and website come with a comments section, this traditional text-based mode of communicating may actually be doing more harm than good. When we write online it is inherently ambiguous because we are losing so much of the personal aspect of communication that is part of the tone of voice and body language. Of course, it is impossible to truly bring all of this to the online world at the moment (maybe in future we will all be communicating through VR avatars and things will change). But for now, it is worth exploring voice comments and reviews, a far more direct and personal way to let your readers express their election opinions.

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