Why comments are crucial to a successful blog

Why comments are crucial to a successful blog

If you have an online blog or website, you likely already have some sort of comments platform where readers can write their thoughts and opinions. But having a comments section somewhere down at the bottom of your blog is not enough. It’s time to leverage your comments section because it is actually one of the most important parts of your blog. Here are a few reasons why it’s so important and a few ideas for how to get the maximum from your readers.

Comments keep users on your blog for longer

There’s nothing like a few juicy comments to retain your reader’s attention and keep people on your site for longer. However good your blog is, if there is no debate around it, it is likely people who visit your site will simply leave once they’ve read the blog (or section of the blog) that interests them. An active comments section creates interest and means readers are more likely to convert and more likely to click related links to ads and content. A great way to make sure your comment section kicks off to a good start is to write the first comment yourself. Make sure that it is meaningful and more than just a handful of words. Alternatively, you can include a call to action at the bottom of your blog post. This can be something very simple, like asking your readers directly to write their opinions in your comment section.

Comments make things social

Having an active comments section where users frequently talk to each other is essential to creating a blog that is both dynamic and social. With enough activity on your blog, you also increase the backlinks to other websites and by doing so improve your SEO. So ultimately, comments help drive traffic to your blog and are therefore indispensable. If you are having trouble getting a conversation rolling and are stuck with a few isolated comments, you can start by replying to your user comments. The best approach is a simple one, so trying something personal and honest is a great start. A good approach might just be to thank them for commenting and ask a short question that relates to their comment.

There is a comment revolution in progress

If you’ve been on the internet any time recently you are probably all too familiar with a world of comments that is almost exclusively text-based. Ok, now and again a handful of emojis will appear, and of course, sometimes, entire comment streams will be based purely on memes (there are even entire wiki how’s explaining how best to use memes). But still, overall, comment platforms remain surprisingly traditional. However, things are finally starting to change and a number of comment widgets and platforms have recently appeared that go beyond text and venture into the worlds of images, videos, and even voice. A great way to truly leverage your comments section is to do something unique with it.

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