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How to Monetize Your Website

How to Monetize Your Website

If you have a fabulous website and a dedicated user base, you might be dreaming of ways to quit the day job and somehow turn your website into a viable stream of income. Or maybe you just want a bit of extra cash on the side. In both cases there are many different strategies for turning the effort invested in your website into cash; some are relatively easy to do while others take a lot more time and effort. Here are some recommended ways to start.

Sell ad space

If you haven’t started doing this already, it’s definitely something worth looking into. You can literally sell the real-estate on your website and this can be areas on the top, to the side and also underneath your text or content. In general, pricing depends on how much traffic you have on your site. If you are pulling in high numbers, that’s great because you can charge more, but if your numbers are relatively low, your prices will be too. This mode of monetization can generate anything from a few hundred to many thousand dollars per ad depending on how many users you have on your site. If you choose to do this, it’s worth advertising your real estate on advertising marketplaces like




Use an advertising widget

There are so many endless and diverse ways to advertise. Apart from selling ad space you can use pay-per-click advertising, affiliate advertising, in-text advertising and much much more. The great thing about ad widgets is that they can give you a combination of different advertising options in an easy to use and stress-free way. Before you choose what to use, take some time to research the different advertising options and figure out which is the best fit or combination of fits for you.

Try video and/or audio ads

You might have thought quite extensively about text and visual ads. Maybe you’ve already sold a few. While they can generate a good amount of revenue for your website, it might be worth exploring other mediums and trying out video or audio ads. The usual format for these is pop-up ads which your users or readers are obliged to watch or listen to. They are better at generating revenue because of this, but on the other hand, they can be very annoying. The key is to choose the type of video and audio that would actually interest your users rather than alienating them with endless intrusive pop-ups.

Focus on below-the-fold advertising

The real estate at the very very bottom of your content or text is often ignored. Maybe you’ve thought about selling the real estate here, and if you have you are probably thinking it is worth a lot less than the large banner ads users see the second they get to your site. The truth is, the below-the-fold ads can give a lot more bang for your buck since the users who take the time to pay attention to your content and get to the bottom of your web pages are those who are most engaged.

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