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How to improve conversion rates on your online store

How to improve conversion rates on your online store

When it comes to growing a business, a lot of attention and focus goes on acquiring new users and increasing user engagement. The truth is, one of the key areas where you can improve ROI is your conversion rate. However many people get to your website or online store, the big question is how many perform the actions or complete the goals needed to improve your bottom line. Sometimes the conversion rate refers to the completion of a product order, but it can also be something simpler like leaving a contact number, signing up to a mailing list or downloading a widget. Whatever conversion metric is key to your success; there are some great ways to optimize your conversion rates.

Why improve conversion rates?

So you might be thinking, why bother? You have a relatively low conversion rate but you are able to attract new visitors to your website through social media, content and advertising. That’s great news, but at the end of the day, improving your conversion rate is actually a lot more cost effective than gaining new visitors. High web traffic is good but if everyone is a single page visitor and you generally have a high bounce rate, then a greater number of visitors actually does nothing for your bottom line. On the flip side, improving your conversion rate involves finding the right kind of customers and making sure more of them stick around for the crucial moment of commitment where they go from “just another visitor” to someone who has bought into your website or product.



Improve your landing pages

To increase how engaged users are and to get them to make the first step towards that moment of commitment that increases your conversion rate, you need to make sure the first page they reach is excellent. If your landing pages are boring or unclear people will bounce right off them. So how can you make them amazing? First of all, make sure the content here is the best you have. If you have multiple web pages and limited resources, your landing pages should be getting a hefty share of attention and resources. They should be error free with some great advertising and marketing copy. It goes without saying that the UX should be seamless. However, it’s also important to make a clear call to action so users know what to do next. If it isn’t obvious through pop-ups and links (and whatever other tools) that they need to leave their email address or progress to their shopping cart than they won’t do it and you will lose valuable website visitors.

Create more engagement

Having great copy and beautiful visuals is great, but it isn’t enough to get your users to send you their details or commit to their first purchase. One of the best ways to get your users to stick around is to give them channels to engage. If your online store is conversational and interactive rather than static, it is highly likely people will stick around for longer. Having tailor made search results is one way to make your online store more personal. But having space for user reviews, interaction and opinions is an even better way of hearing from your customers. Reviews have been proven to increase conversion rates and are an invaluable tool for any online store. To make reviews even more personal and interactive, it’s possible to use voice-based platforms rather than the standard text-based review widgets. Voice is a great way to interact with your customers, hear their opinions, and share your thoughts and special offers.

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