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4 Marketing tools to transform your blog

4 Marketing tools to transform your blog

If you have a great blog and are looking for ways to gain more followers and increase your user engagement, look no further! Here are 4 helpful tools to improve the ways you promote your blog. These range from small and simple to longer and more complex, so take a look and see which ideas inspire you.

Go beyond the blog

It might sound trivial, but your blog isn’t just your blog. One of your major aims when marketing is to increase traffic to your blog and this means improving the channels outside the immediate radius of your blog and most recent posts. Social media is one of the big places to do this. Are you on Facebook? Great! Twitter? Cool. What about Snapchat? Do you have a Pinterest account? While you don’t need to go completely mad with social media you should take some time to think about the different social media channels that are out there. If you’ve been hooked exclusively on Instagram for the past year then it might be worth diversifying your social media portfolio. Just keep in mind your target audience when you do this and pick the channels that suit them best.

Harness the right resources

A blog doesn’t have to be a one-person show. To make your blog the best it can be you will likely need some help. It is important to figure out which resources can give you the biggest bang for your buck and figure out what you really need most. You might be all set for content and need a professional photographer to get the great shots to make your blog visually stunning. Or maybe you need a web designer to give the whole blog a big overhaul. It’s important to figure out your budget and your goals and to bring on board skilled people who can really help to transform what you do.

Keep track of things

When you start investing, bringing new people on board and switching up the ways that you do things, keep a close eye on the result. Figuring out the right recipe for your blog means keeping your eye on the ball. It could be that the banner ad you paid for in a popular marketplace is getting you nothing while the email retargeting campaign you sent out is reengaging readers you lost long ago. Figuring out cause and effect will let you hone in on the tools that work best for you. And don’t stress if something doesn’t work as well as you thought it would, part of the process is about experimenting and figuring out the right combination. There is no secret recipe for success.

Get interactive

Blogging about the things that make you cry, the things you really care about or the things that keep you up and night are good, but it isn’t enough. Make sure that you are bringing your readers into the conversation by allowing your blog to have an interactive aspect. This is the difference between giving a lecture when everyone shuts up and listens and having a meaningful and open discussion where everyone learns and contributes. The latter can be far more valuable so figure out the best ways to facilitate it. It might be as easy as adding survey software to your blog or simple asking your readers to message you or comment about their thoughts.

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