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How to make your blog better

How to make your blog better

If you are yearning to attract more readers or improve your blog to make it stand out from the crowd, then this article is here to give you a few key tips. Roughly 2 million blogs are written every single day so standing out has never been harder. At the same time, more people are online than ever before and around 40% of the world’s population now have an internet connection (this is a massive increase from 1995 when less than 1% of the world’s population were online). So how can you attract more of this giant global audience?

 Make your site simple and easy to navigate

People may get to your blogs in different ways, but when they do get there you should make damn sure they can get to what they want without getting lost in the process. Categorizing content is a good way to stop users getting lost. With an easy to navigate menu, people interested in reading your blog can quickly hone into the content that is relevant for them.

Diversify your content

However great your writing is, there is a limit to the power of words. There is no better way to improve your blog than to diversify your content. This can start by adding powerful or striking visual images to support your writing but it can also include vlogs, voice comments and more. Scared of transitioning to a new type of media? Why not dip your toes in without committing by recording a 30-second clip that gives a summary of your blog without going the full mile and spending hours perfecting a full blog.




Do your content research

No man is an island, and no blog works in isolation. Before you put digital ink to blog paper, take the time to read other blogs and see what works and what doesn’t. Take a look at today’s top blogs (with a critical eye) and see what makes them truly great. And keep a close eye on hot topics. You never know when something relevant will come along that can spark your next great blog or a good idea.

Create a strong call to action

There’s no point focusing all your energy on you because at the end of the day a blog is a medium to hold a conversation. Your users are always an active not passive part of what you do and therefore it is very important to give them a space to air their thoughts, feelings, suggestions and more. It is very easy to integrate comments platforms into blogs and most come with in-built apps. Take the time to choose a comments platform that stands out from the crowd.

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