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How to create a debate

How to create a debate

Have you been posting all of the latest news about Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian? Maybe you’ve devoted your blog entirely to Pokemon Go? Or maybe you are more serious when it comes to blogging and have devoted your website to the recent and messy affairs in Turkey and Europe. Whatever it is you that you are creating content about, and however good you are at writing, the real test of good content is whether your users engage.

So how can you tell if your users are truly engaged? One way is to see if they are sharing opinions and content. But going even further, a truly great post has the ability to catalyze a debate. And by debate, we mean a dynamic discussion where different viewpoints are discussed. While there is no simple trick to turn your content into something compelling, there are some tools and tips that can help you encourage a healthy debate.

For one thing, you can use an online poll to allow your users to immediately respond to your content. It might not be as dramatic as the recent Brexit referendum, but it will certainly inspire many of your users to get more involved. Attn does a great job of this, focusing on current affairs and putting some of the most controversial discussions in the form of a vote. With polls like these, there are also different ways to get your users more involved after they have voted. Some polls show the percentages and numbers of votes so far, making users feel they are part of a community. Some go further and email results and relevant information to users who have taken the time to vote.



 And, there are other even more creative ways of creating an immediate debate around aspects of your website. There are software options such as Desinion that allow you to actually open up debate around the visuals and design aspect of your website, e-store or blog, giving loyal users the option to be part of the conversation about what happens with the design of your site.

When it comes to debates (both online and offline) presentation is everything. Even if you have a perfectly smooth and rational argument, if it is presented in the form of a badly written or overly wordy article, it is likely that the impact will be lost. Great writing is imperative, and a well-researched article is a must. You don’t want users poking holes in your logic. It’s also a good idea to take a look at the articles currently being written on your topic of choice. With so much being written online every second, it is important to figure out your target market, your niche, and your voice.

Another great way to create a debate is to explore different comment and review platforms. There are many options available and the great thing is that most are very easy to use and easy to install. Until recently all platforms focused on text-based debates, but recently there has been a greater and greater push to move the debate to other mediums. This is where voice and visuals can really help inspire further debate and make your website standout from the crowd.

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