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How to empower your users and create a community

How to empower your users and create a community

Having a great product or new technology isn’t enough to make an impact in the tech scene of 2016. Understanding your customers is crucial but not enough to make your business thrive. So what are the really successful websites, apps and products doing today? Let’s start by taking a look at Pokemon Go.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you have probably noticed (and perhaps wondered at) the mass popularity and even hysteria surrounding Pokemon Go, the new augmented reality game. Apart from overlaying the real world with adorable pocket-sized monsters and having an addictive side to the game with variable rewards of collecting and evolving a huge variety of Pokemon, the real magic in this game lies in the way it builds community.

Pokemon Go is not a solitary game played in your study or bedroom, instead, it is a game that encourages activity, empowering its users to go out and seek both Pokemon and each other. It is so active that users have gone so far as to complain of a sore leg pandemic. The game encourages users to interact with each other in the real world and often to improve their day-to-day realities. Perhaps the most telling measure of success is the fact that this game is actually helping people who are struggling with mental illnesses.

Granted, your product or service or website is probably very different from Pokemon Go. However, there are some key lessons that can be learnt. They main thing to note here is a community, and ultimately empowering users to interact with each other. There is a limit to what e-store owners or content publishers can do to create conversation, community and engagement. At the end of the day, opinions and interpretations lie at the hands of your users.

So what can you do to empower your users and to encourage them to share their opinions and form a community? For starters, content should have both utilitarian and fun components to it. This is the optimal mix since users want to enjoy sharing and thinking about your content or products but prefer if there is also something useful there. It is also very important that you communicate your brand authentically and respond to your users in the same way.

A great software platform is also advisable if you really want to take your user community to the next level. Sure, a lot of websites offer inbuilt platforms, but these aren’t always enough to give your website or product the limelight it deserves. Luckily there are more and more review and comment widgets and platforms now available. These can help provide the easy to use, fun and straightforward environment for users to comfortably share their opinions with each other.

And if you are looking for a further edge when it comes to comments and reviews, try diversifying in terms of media types. Almost all the traditional platforms and widgets focus on text-based comments. However, there is increasing evidence to show that “rich media” formats such as video, images and sound, offer a far more compelling mode of creating and sharing content. These new platforms can ultimately be great tools in your arsenal of community creation and user empowerment.

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