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How to improve the quality of your content

How to improve the quality of your content

With so many blogs, articles and websites out there, the question on everyone’s mind today is how can they stand out from the crowd. There are hundreds of being written every minute about UX and user-flow and mobile app interfaces and so on, but this article will aim to address what is at the heart of every UX – the content itself.

The first thing to note is that high-quality content takes time and effort to put together and there aren’t always shortcuts. However, whatever it is you are writing about or creating on your site or blog, there are some tried and tested tips to improve what you are doing and to help you really stand out. One quick way to improve your content is to take your time to fact check. Accuracy is extremely important, and chances are you will get called out if there is a glaring error, so make sure you fact check! Luckily this is an easier process than ever before with the digital world and a fast Google search at our fingertips.

There are some who say that less is more when it comes to content. Once (before search engines and rankings were as smart as they are today) content creators would aim to publish as much as humanly possible and do anything they could to increase the overall volume of their content. Most of the time this had a negative impact on the quality. And while this strategy may have worked in previous years, in today’s world, it is not just to search engines that are increasingly savvy; it is also the vast majority of readers. So it may be a good idea to focus on producing just a few high-quality pieces that really capture your audience. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t churning out content – the main thing is that you are really engaging people.

It is important to do your homework, and basically – to do some research. There is no point spitting out your vague opinion on a topic when there are likely already thousands of articles already out there on the very same topic. Have a look at what else is being written. Dig around the topic. Use some examples to illustrate what you are saying, and help make the story of your content stick in your readers heads long after they have left your site.

And finally, think beyond a blog. Perhaps your written content is at the center of what you do and what you publish. Perhaps you sleep, eat and breathe the texts and the words that make up the stories you write. Nonetheless, it is worth diversifying. It is so easy to add in vibrant images, great videos and even audio snippets. Mixing your content and providing more than just the written word, is a great way to keep your audiences engaged and increase the overall quality of your content.

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