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Why below the fold advertising is critical

Why below the fold advertising is critical

We all know that above the fold content and advertising is what users see first. It hits them when they first reach a site and they see it without even needing to scroll through an article. Although since screen sizes, devices and tablets vary so widely there is no one-size-fits-all that defines above the fold. Nonetheless, for a long time, above the fold has been the coveted spot, the content there has been more central to the sites that feature it and the advertising spots tend to be more expensive.

In 2016, it’s clear that below the fold advertising is also a force to be reckoned with. And while above the fold may still be viewed in many ways as prime real estate that attracts the majority of views, below the fold tends to attract a different, far more engaged audience. Once a reader or user has taken the time to scroll to the bottom of a page it usually means they genuinely care about the content and are interested. They are not just passing viewers, or another statistic in your bounce rate.

So how do you take advantage of the high quality below the fold traffic that is coming through your site? There are actually many different ways to do this successfully. In terms of marketing, affiliate marketing links and variations on the “see also” theme can often be very effective. Often these types of ads are made to look as if they are natural content on the site. This can be a quick win-win for both reader and publisher. Affiliate advertising can take users to additional pages about related products and content that they are genuinely interested in while simultaneously providing a revenue stream (usually per click) for site owners. The best part is that because the topics are related, the users do not feel like they are being overwhelmed by information or unnecessarily spammed.

Other options include native advertising, which essentially includes ads that are hosted on a publisher site in the same template and/or medium as all other publisher content but are authored by an advertiser. Native advertising is versatile and can come in many mediums (including text-based advertising, audio and video). There is also a rich variety advertising widgets available and this can include both website advertising and apps targeted to mobiles and other devices.

One thing is certain, the users that make it to the bottom of your page are, on the whole, a group of highly engaged and high-quality readers and it is important to keep them engaged. If you choose to advertise, it is critical to fully leverage below the fold options and not get caught up in above the fold solutions. Both options matter, but below the fold may actually yield better returns.

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