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Why should always pick up the phone (or failing that try voice comments)

Why should always pick up the phone (or failing that try voice comments)

Text has become the ubiquitous driving force in all of our lives, whether online, offline, professionally, personally or anything in-between. Ok, Instagram and Snapchat are huge (especially for Generation Z) and visuals are a major part of the way we interact, but text is still at the heart of the way we communicate in 2016.

Entire business projects are managed via text messages on Whatsapp (and of course links go missing and important reactions get lost). Slack offers a great text based tool for business, and using it makes it easy to share files and thoughts, but the inherent problems within text based communication remains. Text is slippery. It’s ambiguous. Meaning gets lost. Making a point via text is never the same as speaking to someone face-to-face or over the phone.

But while text seems to be taking over, 80% of millenials still believe that face-to-face interactions are important in the workplace. This is a massive number, but one that is changing as Generation Z takes the fore with its increasingly busy cross-platform modes of communicating and less and less focus on human faces, interactions and voices.

But the old wisdom is true; a phone call is generally better than an email or text. Picking up the phone causes you to listen to and develop empathy for a fellow human being. It creates a higher level of understanding than a text message or email can and it allows us to process important information like tone of voice, emotion, and pauses.

And if all of this is true of offline work groups and workspaces, it is equally true of online businesses. There is a limit to how well you can communicate with customers via a website where most of your messaging is in the form of text. And of course, in this situation, you don’t really have the option of face-to-face communication or simply picking up a phone. But instead of that, there are some great options available.

Today all websites have comment and reviews sections where customers and readers can express their opinions on articles, products and services. And these are great spaces for users to communicate and interact with each other and also for shop owners to interact directly with customers. But there are similar problems to text or email-based interactions – this form of communication is limited and there is a huge amount of room for awkward ambiguity.

So, if you can’t pick up the phone, what can you do? Well, luckily there are some great options out there and one is to try voice comments and reviews. This kind of platform allows site owners, users and readers to interact with each other in a way that is personal, focused on tone of voice, and far less ambiguous than text. And even better, site owners can record specific messages about interesting deals, new articles or products. So if you can’t pick up the phone, voice comments and reviews are the next best thing.

Heyoya is a unique comment and reviews platform that brings voice to e-publishers and e-stores, improving sales and user engagement by allowing readers to express themselves beyond the medium of text. Heyoya is a game changer for websites and is proven to increase brand affinity and the quality of user-generated content.

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