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Why voice is crucial to building relationships

Why voice is crucial to building relationships

The importance of the human voice should never be underestimated. Professional actors spend hours working on their voice through a diverse array of complicated voice exercises beginning with breathing, and working through the mechanics of voice, posture, tone, articulation and more. There are a dizzying number of parameters that make up each one of the spoken words that comes out of our mouth.

The correct use of voice can convey authenticity, warmth and emotion, while “inauthentic” voices can be heard as those that sound as if they really don’t care. And it isn’t just acting where this is important. Think about it – voice permeates every aspect of the way we live. It is are first and most vivid interaction with language – hearing a parent or caregiver’s voice is the first step towards speech and the backbone of society: communication.

And when it comes to our professional lives, voice is no less important. Your voice is the tool that sends a message of confidence and professionalism to your colleagues. All the obvious thoughts about tone of voice and strength of voice apply here, but interestingly, studies have shows that the use of human voices on social media can actually help organizations build relationships.

Using a voice on social media was found to bring a personal and relationship-building element to what is otherwise a largely impersonal medium. There is a certainly a trend in modern marketing of developing brands to be more engaged, authentic and personal. Voice is a unique tool and a quick way of making your brand (literally) speak to your customers.

Communicating in a human voice adds a sense of personal and sociable human contact to the interaction with the public and at its root may in fact promote trust, a quality that is key to all human and organizational interactions. Research from Harvard University has shown that the two fundamental dimensions of social perception are warmth on the one hand and competence on the other. And while competence can be built in many ways, warmth is heavily reliant on body language, and of course voice.

Within our world where the sound of another person is so important, it is strange to note that so many publishers and e-commerce players have incredible websites without a touch of voice. And while many sites have realized the importance of engagement and relationship building and while almost every site in 2016 has some sort of comments and reviews widget, voice just isn’t being utilized enough.

Thankfully there is a solution – a new wave of widgets that include voice comments and reviews. This is one of the best ways to build engaging user-generated content, to make a site more personal, and ultimately to make your comments, reviews and website stand out from the rest.

Heyoya is a unique comment and reviews platform that brings voice to e-publishers and e-stores, improving sales and user engagement by allowing readers to express themselves beyond the medium of text. Heyoya is a game changer for websites and is proven to increase brand affinity and the quality of user-generated content.

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