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Generation Z and the decline of text

Generation Z and the decline of text

According to Forbes, Millennials are texting more and talking less. Almost all of them seem to rely on email, text messages, instant messages and social media – both for their professional and personal lives. In a way, Millenials ushered in the death of phone calls, voicemail and often even face-to-face communication in exchange for speedy online text-based communication channels.

Millenials are big on Facebook and Whatsapp. They grew up with instant messaging apps and witnessed the dawn of mainstream text-based online communication in the form of AOL instant messenger, chatrooms and online forums. When they were teens they would text each other off their Nokia phones before quickly returning to a game of Snake.

But Millenials are growing up and the next generation, Gen Z, is just about ready to enter the workforce. Gen Z is one that is often referred to as the iGeneration; it is a generation that has grown up with tech permeating every aspect of their daily life. If Millenials learned tech and text in their adolescence, Gen Y learned to swipe through apps even before they were out of diapers.

And Gen Y are changing the way people interact online. Text has become almost old-fashioned when it comes to this new generation and more and more of them are in favor of rich media – primarily in the form of visuals. Snapchat and Instagram are the favored platforms of this generation, and Gen Z is leading the way, which means these new forms of media are also becoming the favored choice for other generations. As for Gen Z, on the whole they are impatient (who isn’t in this day and age) and want instant news and gratification. Text won’t keep them interested.

While social media networks have caught onto the fact that media must be more visual and vocal in order to grab people, and while media has moved to audio, video and gifs, emojis and more, certain aspects of the internet lag behind. Just take a look at comments and reviews platforms. Despite the huge move away from text, the majority of these platforms are text only.

In order to get users to engage (and especially when it comes to younger users) it is imperative to have engaging content with instant appeal. Users can’t always be bothered to scroll through and read text, but visuals and audio have been proven to keep people on sites for longer. And not only that – allowing bite sized audio chunks and eye-catching visuals a place on comments and reviews sites, encourages user based interactions and conversations which in turn increases user-generated content and brand affinity. If you are still stuck to text, its time to look to the future and change the way you use comments and reviews.

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