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The Challenge of Constantly Creating Content

The Challenge of Constantly Creating Content

Amidst the constant turnover of new buzzwords and the rapidly expanding world of digital marketing, content campaigns are taking on an ever-important role. However, there are many challenges when it comes to producing the right kind of high-quality content and attracting the right type of users or customers. And while producing content might seem like an easy task, producing good content is much harder.

One of the major challenges is managing content campaigns properly. Whether you are writing short blogs or extensive articles, content campaigns can take anywhere from a few hours a week to full time jobs of dedicated teams. For early stage businesses, keeping a high-quality content campaign going can threaten the core of the business and take away precious resources. And while outsourcing this type of marketing might seem like the best solution, it is not without its own challenges.

Outsourcing content campaigns to dedicated content companies might seem like a great idea, and often it is, but it does mean that your company is dependent on an external organization for the timing, quality and dedication to produce content around a subject that you (and not them) specialize in. And this ties in with one of the next big challenges – keeping the quality of your content high.

Churning out content might seem like a great idea to spread the word about your product or service, but if the articles or blogs you are publishing are anything less than excellent, chances are you are doing more harm then good to your brand. There are so many terrible blogs online – whether they are just too far away from the core business of what it is you are trying to promote, too dull or just badly written. And today’s market is overcrowded, increasingly competitive and generally unforgiving. If your content is below par, your users will notice.

So what’s the solution to keeping the creativity, non-stop content and authenticity flowing? Yes, you can focus on building internal company resources that focus on content and yes you can hire a high-level and very reliable external marketing agency, but there is another way. One of the best ways to keep content constant, interesting and authentic is to channel it from your users and not from you.

Ok, so you run a company, and arguably no one knows more about the business you do than you. But in today’s world, customers would much rather here from each other than from you and your brand. What this means is that there is a wonderful, unique and free flowing channel of content marketing – and this is your user-generated content.

Your user-generated content should be nurtured through the correct channels because it is precious and can do more for your brand than hours of your company’s internal or external resources. If you have a review or comments platform, then fantastic – this is a great way of keeping your users engaged and keeping a conversation going about your products or services.

However, while there are tried and tested comments and review platforms out there, most stick to text only which is ultimately a very limited form of communication. Audiences (and especially Millenials and Gen Y) are increasingly looking to visuals and video to communicate their thoughts and feelings with each other – just look at the incredible rise of companies like Snapchat or Instagram.

But there is another vehicle for user-generated content that is arguably the wave of the future, and that is audio. Voice comments and reviews are beginning to emerge and provide companies with the unique ability to communicate with each other simply, authentically and almost as they would face-to-face. Unlike video and images, audio has the advantage of being incredible easy to use on the go. There is no need for hours of selfie time to find the right angle, or for complicated videos, instead you can record voice snippets for reviews and comments hassle free, as if you were having a casual conversation with a good friend.

Heyoya is a unique comment and reviews platform that brings voice to e-publishers and e-stores, improving sales and user engagement by allowing readers to express themselves beyond the medium of text. Heyoya is a game changer for websites and is proven to increase brand affinity and the quality of user-generated content.

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