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Branding through text, sound and images

Branding through text, sound and images

Most modern brands communicate in branding channels that combine different elements and mediums. Today it is common to have a mixture of images, text and sound that we associate with a specific brand. When used effectively these three elements can go together smoothly and leave a strong and memorable message. But they can also create a great deal of dissonance when mismatched.

Over the years there have been many studies that seek to show one form of branding is more valuable or more powerful than another. Some favor audio and some visual, but the truth is that each works on a different part of our brain, memory recall and associative thinking, and as elements they are arguably all effective and in different ways, but most effective when presented together as a package.

In a way, pondering which is most important — verbal, auditory, or visual branding — is like trying to determine which came first, the chicken or the egg. Generating branding materials with the correct combination of visual, audio and text elements is the trick to creating a successful and memorable campaign. Together, the different elements are stronger than they would be alone. Having said this, it is clear that some of the elements can often work alone. For example, radio ads can be very successful, and newspaper ads with only black and white text can work well. Interestingly, images alone don’t work as well, since an image without text is by nature harder to interpret and more prone to ambiguity.

Finding the right mixture of visual, audio and text elements can be tricky. Since it is a totally different story for each brand, the best way to do it is to start with a great deal of research – both in terms of your target audience and in terms of competitors. Another important thing to consider is user-generated content. At the end of the day brand channels aren’t all equal and what users have to say about a service or product often carries far more weight than what a brand has to say about itself.

Despite the importance of user-generated content, and the importance of marrying different branding mediums, almost all user-generated content remains text based. And while text is sufficient to convey basic success stories, customer dissatisfaction and more, it is far less effective than a combination of mediums.

Brands must begin looking towards mixed medium user-generated content and this means adding the options of visual and audio elements to existing text-based comments and review sections of e-stores, content sites and more. Bringing voice and images to this brand channel has the potential to transform the ways customers appreciate, interact and spread the word about a product or service.

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