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How Voice Revolutionizes Content Publishing

How Voice Revolutionizes Content Publishing

Each year, billions of dollars are poured into the content publishing industry. Overwhelmingly, digital media and content generation has become the medium of choice for savvy brands that no longer rely on traditional types of advertisements. Today, every sector of the market is crowded with endless new start-ups, applications and product offerings and at a certain point all of this starts to sound like white noise.

What really stands out in our noisy world is storytelling. A compelling story can draw in even the most jaded and skeptical reader. Whether it is a hard hitting news piece, a lifestyle blog or the story of one man’s journey across the world, stories are what keep users engaged and reading. The truth is, humanity has been obsessed with storytelling for a long time. It began with the earliest cave paintings that tell a story of a series of ancient events, and continued with the first written story – the epic of Gilgamesh. Online content is just the latest manifestation of an ancient trend.

But the thing about storytelling is that it isn’t just the original story that makes impact, it’s the conversation generated around the story that really counts. The best way to get today’s writers excited is to get them talking. Comments are in and of themselves a booming industry, just look at the numbers: over 1 billion comments and reviews are written online each month. On a platform such as alone, an average month can yield almost 60 million comments.

Comments on stories are arguably the best way to create brand affinity and build a user community. The more the user is interested, the more they comment, the more they engage and the more they ultimately interact and read. Seeing other users post interesting comments keeps readers on websites for longer. But there’s one problem; the most common medium for comments is text, and text might be fast and convenient, but it nonetheless loses the personal feel of storytelling. Text is ultimately an ambiguous meaning and is missing all the endless nuances of an in person discussion (conveyed through body language and tone of voice).

So what can we do to improve the conversations about the stories that really matter? Luckily, there is a new wave in commenting, and it is voice. Voice comments have been shown to attract more users and decrease bounce rates at a higher level than traditional text comments. They are a way for users to speak to each other as they would in the real world, and they are therefore also a medium that uniquely connects the online and offline worlds of storytelling. If you really want to generate high quality user content and hear what readers are thinking, the only way is voice.

Heyoya is a unique comment and reviews platform that brings voice to e-publishers and improves user engagement by allowing readers to express themselves beyond the medium of text. Heyoya is a game changer for websites and is proven to increase the quality of content and the level of user engagement.

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