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Heyoya Launches on Mobile, Bringing Revolutionary Voice Comments and Reviews to Your Device


Heyoya Gives Users a Voice

Heyoya is a unique comment and reviews platform that gives users and customers a voice and allows all content and eStore owners to fully leverage the comments and review section of their website and mobile app by increasing user engagement. Heyoya was previously only available on desktop but has now launched on mobile devices, making it even easier for users to be heard. Heyoya allows users to express themselves online and allows content owners to bring their comments sections back to life.

The way we use our mobiles online is incredibly limited, and mostly comes down to writing out our thoughts in text. Yet according to studies, the content of words accounts for only 7% of communication while a whopping 38% is down to tone of voice. This means that every time we text or write a review or comment online, 38% of what we are saying is basically lost. Heyoya is a game changer for online comments and reviews because it brings back tone of voice and allows users to really talk to one another.


Easy to Interact & Easy to Integrate

The Heyoya mobile app can be found on the App Store and on Google Play. There are native versions for each platform to enable maximum usability. There is also an easy to integrate SDK solution for content or e-commerce owners who already have an app, that can be added in a few simple steps. Heyoya works across platforms so that comments and reviews can easily be recorded, heard and displayed on both mobile and desktop devices and users can easily interact across platforms.

Engage and Share Conversations on the Go

Users can now post comments and listen to others on the go, from their mobile devices. Heyoya is easy to install and users can signup through their social media accounts. Once online, one click allows users to get started by recording their voice message. After that it’s easy to interact with both voice and text and talk about the restaurant you just ate at, the show you watched or the article you just read. Best of all, all voice and text comments can be shared across social media with one click, for an even bigger and better conversation.


Increase Engagement & Sales

A unique ‘bio identification’ system identifies users and allows everyone to see if there are repeat posters or spammers. For content managers this means it’s a lot easier to manage comments and reviews. For end-users, it’s a lot more fun to engage and ultimately users can interact better. To date, content owners have reported that Heyoya has transformed their comment and review sections and increased their sales. Doug C., from Boston recently said: “Our review and comment section was basically dead when we brought in Heyoya.  Now it’s active and vibrant.  Our customers love to be able to leave voice reviews, and that’s turned into more sales.  Five stars and fully recommended.”

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