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Heyoya is now live on WordPress

We are thrilled to announce that our plugin is now live on WordPress, making it even easier for anyone with a WordPress website to add Heyoya’s revolutionary voice comments and reviews platform. Not on WordPress? We will continue to roll out with various content and ecommerce platforms over the next couple of months in order to ensure that adding Heyoya is a seamless experience for all of our customers no matter what platform your website is built on. What platform do you use?

If you have been following us up until now, you already know that we think Heyoya is going to transform the way people interact with products and content online. In our first post, where we announced launching Heyoya’s widget in Storeya’s App Store, we focused on how Heyoya is transforming the way people interact with products online. In honor of our launch with WordPress, I want to talk a little bit about how Heyoya is transforming the way people interact with content.

Why are voice comments better than text comments?

Well, text comments are awesome (and our platform gives your audience this option too), but they are inherently limited in their level of expressiveness, as text is the least personal form of communication. Voice recordings on the other hand are personal.

Create a means for users to generate higher quality content

Voice reviews have 80% more actual content, meaning voice reviews have higher quality content than text reviews. Why? Well think back to the days of leaving voice messages on someone’s answering machine as opposed to sending a text message. Text messages tend to be shorter, while on a voice message you end up chatting with the machine, almost like you are talking to someone. It’s the same with Heyoya’s voice comments platform. Once someone starts recording their comment, they tend to share more.

Voice comments creates a real dialogue, increasing user engagement

Users spend 100% more time on pages with voice comments. This means users take the time to listen to others comments and respond. When you zoom out and take the time to “experience” a page with voice comments, you are basically joining a conversation. It’s the closest you can get to a face to face interaction online. We have also found that users share across multiple social networks 50% more when they have added a voice comment.

Ready to transform the way your customers review products?

Start today and receive a free trial of Heyoya! Heyoya is fully customizable and can be added to your website in less than 5 minutes.

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@heyoya.com.