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Can I add Heyoya to any website or eStore?

Watching someone use a product you built for the first time is pretty exciting. As you hand over the mouse and ask them to get started, you wonder, are they going to experience the page as I imagined? Will they click where I want them to? Are they going to find my content endearing? Funny? Cheesy?

We recently launched our admin panel, making adding Heyoya’s comments or reviews platform a seamless experience. In a matter of a few minutes you can create an account and get started with a free trial. Our customers’ feedback is important, so today I sat with a potential one to hear what she thought about the new admin panel.

I loaded and handed over the mouse. Immediately she clicked on the “CLICK HERE TO START YOUR FREE TRIAL” button. We are off to a good start :)

Admin Post 1

Next, she created an account. It’s really easy – all you need to do is enter your name, email address and create a password.

Admin Post 2

Once she created an account, she was redirected to our admin panel.

Admin Post 3

Our customer chose the comments product for her blog. Next she customized the widget, changing both the color and title to match the theme of her blog.

Admin Post 4

After she was satisfied with the color scheme, she pressed continue and got to the secret sauce of our admin panel- “Heyoya placement”. This is our opportunity to show off a little bit of the Heyoya magic! Then something unexpected happened as she completed Step 1. She added a website I wasn’t expecting.

Admin Post 5

She continued to Step 2, carefully choosing the location of the widget. She debated between a few different options and then settled on a classic spot, at the bottom of the page.

Admin Post 6

Next step of adding the widget is pricing plans. The customer chose “Amplifier” (our plan for up to 450,000 page views a month). A bit modest in my opinion, given the site she entered, but hey, the customer is always right.

Admin Post 7

Next screen, payment. Wondering to myself what is going to happen. She smiles and puts in her credit card details and purchases the plan (we are currently offering a free trial, so she isn’t charged immediately). As the payment is processing, she turns to me and says. “You meant to tell me that with a credit card I can basically add Heyoya to any website without verifying that I am the owner?” Now my turn to smile. “Nope. Now is the part where you need access to the sites’ code.”

Admin Post 8


Then I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be a great advertising stint if we were to add Heyoya to all of our favorite content sites and eStores? Surprise them with a brand new revolutionary voice comments or reviews platform without them needing to lift a finger? Unfortunately not that easy. If we did that… we would be … hackers?

Admin Post 9

Even with all our magic technology, website and eStore owners still need to actively decide to add Heyoya. Help us launch with all your favorite eStores and websites, by spreading the word. The more people that know about Heyoya, the more places you will be able to start reviewing and commenting by recording rather than typing! Tweet, share, blog – where do you want to see our technology integrated?