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Transform the way your customers review products with Heyoya!

Transform the way your customers review products with Heyoya!

You’ve probably heard many times, that product reviews drives sales. Ever wondered why? Think about your own shopping habits. If you are like me, before you buy any new item, whether it be a computer or a pair of running shoes, you look for product reviews. Who has tried out the product? What do they think? Personally, I not only want to hear about why people love a product, but I also want to know what criticism they have, because no product is perfect. Turns out that most people are like us. Research shows that people want to know what others think before they are willing to try a product themselves. And it’s not just any review that gets people clicking on that buy now button, it’s the ones they deem trustworthy and authentic.

We are excited to announce Heyoya, our revolutionary voice reviews platform, is now available in Storeya’s App Store. Now it’s easier than ever to provide your customers with a platform for reviewing your products.

Why are voice reviews better than text reviews?

Well, text reviews are awesome (and our platform gives your customers this option too), but they are inherently limited in their level of expressiveness, as text is the least personal form of communication. Voice recordings on the other hand are personal.

Make the shopping experience more personal

Heyoya’s voice reviews platform is one step closer to a face to face conversation, allowing potential buyers to hear from a satisfied customer. Wouldn’t you rather hear from someone what they thought of a product, rather than read about it? A new customer visiting your store is more likely to feel a connection with someone whose voice they heard and deem it trustworthy, than if they were to merely read a review.

Heyoya can help you literally talk to your customers

Ever wish you could greet your customers when they “walked” into your store, just like in the offline setting? Heyoya can help you do that too. Start a conversation with your customers by adding your own voice reviews to products you want to feature.

Need a little more convincing?

  1. Adding a human element to reviews not only drives sales, but it increases engagement. People spend 100% more time on product pages with voice reviews and share across multiple social networks 50% more.
  2. Voice reviews have 80% more actual content, meaning voice reviews have higher quality content than text reviews.
  3. By giving your customers the option to record their product review, in addition to writing, you will increase the likelihood they will actually review the product.
  4. In addition to improving the experience of reviewing product for your customers, adding Heyoya will help you learn more about your customers. Our proprietary technology (pending two patents) has the ability to analyze voice and text for various types of data and increase SEO across search engines.

Ready to transform the way your customers review products?

Heyoya is fully customizable and can be added to your website in less than 5 minutes. Simply go to Storeya’s App Store and add Heyoya.

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at